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Apprenticeship Is....

      Great for Employers...

            Great for Employees...

                  Great for Manufacturing!

Great for Employees

Apprenticeship means you have a structured training program that takes place On the Job AND In the Classroom.  You'll Earn While You Learn.


It's how to build a strong career plan for getting to the next level. 


And - it's not just for new employees!  If your being promoted - you can be an apprentice in your new job!

Great for Employers

Apprenticeship means you'll have employees who share your commitment to enhancing their skills and career.  


New workers and incumbents can participate in apprenticeship programs, if they are growing their skills in structured programs! 


Programs are customized by our Apprenticeship team to meet your specific needs, and there are fantastic incentives.


Plus - we do the paperwork for you!

Great for Manufacturing

Apprenticeship will help manufacturing deal with three factors we all worry about:

  • Skills Gap
  • The Grey Tsunami
  • Commitment to Excellence

It's part of the answer to building an Advanced Manufacturing eco-system right here in RI.

197 by 2020 - Be ONE!

We need to register at least 197 apprentices at 100 employers  by 2020.


Are YOU up for the challenge?

Manufacturing Apprentice Occupations - April 2017


CNC Machinist 1 - 3

Grinder 1

Machine Mechanic

Quality Inspector I

Tool and Die Maker

Pre-Apprentice and Apprentice FAQ's


What's the difference between a pre-apprentice and an apprentice?

In manufacturing, you need skills to land a good job - these are the skills you learn in a pre-apprentice program.  Once you land a full time job, you can take the steps to become a registered apprentice.


What is an apprentice? 

An apprentice is a formal position designation for a full time employee in specific occupations.  Apprentices are registered with the Department of Labor, their time on the job is recorded and must be spent on specific tasks.


How do I get to be an apprentice?

To be an apprentice you must (a) have a full time job with an employer who has registered an apprentice training program with the Department of Labor,  (b) have a sponsor, (c) be enrolled in a classroom training program and (d) complete 2,000 hours each year on the job  in the occupation you are apprenticing in, doing prescribed and monitored tasks.


How do I get a sponsor?

Sometimes your employer is your sponsor.  We Make RI will sponsor you no matter where you work, as long as you work at an employer with a registered apprentice program. 


How do I know if my employer has a registered apprentice program?

The easiest way is to call us at 401-232-0077.


What type of classroom training do I have to take?

You have to take the training described in your employer's Apprentice program that is registered with the Department of Labor.I


What occupations can I apprentice in?

Right now the occupations of CNC Machinist, Quality Inspector, Grinder, Machine Meachanic, and Tool Maker are available.  We are adding new titles all the time.


Where Can I learn more about Apprenticeship?

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