Manufacturing Pre-Apprentice Program (AMMPA) 

Develop the skills you need to land an Apprenticeship

Designed by Manufacturers

Job Placement is Included     Call Us - 401-232-0077

You Can Earn Your Pre-Apprentice Certificate Two Ways:

Attend I AM Manufacturing 2.0.  Train Every Day Monday - Friday from 9:30 am - 3 pm for 17 weeks


Attend Night Class on Tuesday and Thursday From 4:30 - 7:30 pm for up to 30 weeks


You'll Earn 14 Certificates and 3 College Credits

  1. I Am Job Ready!
  2. I Am Success Ready!
  3. Shop Math
  4. Shop Safety
  5. OSHA 10 
  7. Intro to Manufacturing Quality
  8. Lean Principles and Practices
  9. Shop Trig
  10. Print Reading
  11. Precision Measurement
  12. GD & T
  13. MSSC Quality and Precision Measurement Certification
  14. Advanced Manufacturing General Pre-Apprentice Certification

I Am Manufacturing 2.0

Day Classes Start Every 4 Weeks


There are full scholarships for this program.  Daily attendance is mandatory.

Here's How the Pre-Apprentice Night Class Program Works

  • You train Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 - 7 pm.
  • You can test out of the modules you already the cost goes down!
  • We provide job placement to all grads.
  • Once you have a manufacturing job we can register you as an apprentice.
  • Apprentices complete their classroom education and demonstrate on the job proficiency.
  • You get lots of help and support from your sponsor, mentor, and employer.

Night Classes Begin Every Three Months

Learn more by setting up a meeting with our counselors.

Pre-Apprentice and Apprentice FAQ's


What's the difference between a pre-apprentice and an apprentice?

In manufacturing, you need skills to land a good job - these are the skills you learn in a pre-apprentice program.  Once you land a full-time job, you can take the steps to become a registered apprentice.


What is an apprentice? 

An apprentice is a formal position designation for a full-time employee in specific occupations. Apprentices are registered with the Department of Labor, their time on the job is recorded and must be spent on specific tasks.


How do I get to be an apprentice?

To be an apprentice you must (a) have a full-time job with an employer who has registered an apprentice training program with the Department of Labor, (b) have a sponsor, (c) be enrolled in a classroom training program and (d) complete 2,000 hours each year on the job in the occupation you are apprenticing in, doing prescribed and monitored tasks.


How do I get a sponsor?

Sometimes your employer is your sponsor.  We Make RI will sponsor you no matter where you work, as long as you work at an employer with a registered apprentice program. 


How do I know if my employer has a registered apprentice program?

The easiest way is to call us at 401-232-0077.


What type of classroom training do I have to take?

You must take the training described in your employer's Apprentice program that is registered with the Department of Labor.


What occupations can I apprentice in?

Right now, the occupations of CNC Machinist, Quality Inspector, Grinder, Machine Mechanic, and Tool Maker are available.  We are adding new titles all the time.


Where Can I learn more about Apprenticeship?

Go to


We want to talk with you.


Call us at 401-232-0077

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